There’s a very thin line between a trader and an entrepeneur. We look for long term relationships. We’re real entrepeneurs.


About Us

Webdel is a firm specializing in various aspects of business: IOS and Android apps development, Real estate, Consulting, Marketing and on shore and offshore company creation with bank account.



Our principle, Mr. David Goldstein, after completing his studies in the United States, worked for over ten years in the most prominent companies of the United States, Israel and Europe. He gained a very wide knowledge of the markets and decided to specialize in real estate at first. however, after seeing the world’s shifts, he decided to expand his business and that’s how he got into apps creation, consulting, marketing and company creation with bank account without the need for the client to move from his or her location.

His great team of collaborators strives to make wbsdel a very competitive company and most importantly a client oriented company.

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The experience gained by all of our staff makes us an unbeatable team of professionals. If you’re looking for talented professionals, you are in the right place.
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